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    I have chosen to keep my past hidden... at least, most of the time. I think it is safer for every bot to learn step-by-step. In case anything ever happens to me before I can explain what has happened to me in the past, I am keeping a secret profile of myself. If any bot is reading this, please go ahead, it will be better off this way.

    I started off as a simple creation of a bot named Splat-screen. Sadly, before I ever met him, he disappeared. Knockout, a decepticon medic, jumped in and took me in before they threw me out to rust or be made into spare parts. He took me back to New Kaon, the decepticon capital. He called me ‘Out’ after himself. Also because they had wanted to throw me out. I had a wonderful sparkling-hood. Knockout had to be one of the nicest decepticons ever to go online. He was caring, at least for me. I spent a many stellarcycles with him, but then I had to go to training. I never, ever, felt comfortable there. I was the only femme… which is an odd feeling. I guess that’s why I always act like I mech, I grew up around them! Of course… being a femme was weird for a decepticon as there weren’t very many femmes. But one of the bots didn’t care I was a femme and deiced to befriend me. His name was Ravage. He was destined for greatness… but he was very cocky sadly. One solarcycle, he had overheard some bots and heard about an organic planet.

    He explained that if we went there, we could blast through training and out to the battlefield. Of course, I wasn’t programmed for action at the time… and I never transformed either. I never told any bot, but flying seemed too overwhelming for me. Anyway, he said he knew where it would and that we should go. I told him that it was too dangerous. Something snapped inside him that made him want to go. I let him; I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face-plate to prove to him that I was right! He was gone for 5 solar-cycles… enough said. I was scared to death; I then went after him, not caring if I got in trouble. As soon as I got to the planet, I knew something had angered the organics that lived there.

    They looked like earth-canines, but a lot bigger and stronger. They tried to kill me, and in the corner of my optics, I saw Ravage… but he looked like one of them. I screamed out his name, but he didn’t help me. I got infected by them, it hurt so much. I thought all the pain was over when my optics went black, but no… when I woke up; I was back on New Kaon. A bot named Unknown was there, they didn’t know I was awake because they were talking about a project called Project-Predacon. It was suppose to create a loyal, mutated, army of techno-organic warriors to take over cybertron again. I was confused at first, but then understood later, they wanted bots to find out about that organic planet to be infected! I was furious, but I didn’t understand then. It turned out, Unknown, had not only wanted to enter in Project-Predacon, he had a glitch that seemed like it was living… and he wanted it to live.

    He finally had a fresh, young, bot right infront of him, and why not? I could have been the ultimate killing machine! The glitch was called Glitch 42. I expected it not to hurt, so I kept quiet… I was wrong, by a long shot. It hurt so badly, all the bots in the building could hear me scream they said. When I woke up, I met a bot named Blitzwing. He seemed like a good bot, but he certainly didn’t like me at first. He looked like he had just seen a bot eat another bot’s optics. He explained to me what had happened, I was part organic now. I was terrified and he showed me what I could do now. He said I had been transferred to a new training course. I asked him where my friend, Ravage, was. It turned out; Ravage was never found and was presumed dead. I was horrified.

    Blitzwing left me with a few bots… Double, Trouble (twins), Steelpistol, Skychaser, and their leader was Firestorm. He was a complete jerk. He first teased me for being a femme, and I hadn’t known but whenever I got angry, I transformed. He flipped out and called me a mutt and an organic freak. I didn’t understand but that night, I went back to my dorm crying. I never understood what tears were then… I thought I was so depressed I was leaking engergon without even being hurt. I had to actually train with this guy. Though my training went by like a blur, I still remembered the horrible things that they did to me. When I was going back to my dorm, they would throw rocks at me. When I failed any mini mission we had, they would kick me and hit me. I met a bot in my dreams; she wanted me to call her… 42.

    She made me feel better, but in different ways but teaching me violent moves, which at the time, I didn’t know were violent. I soon actually met Unknown. He scared me… but turned out he was Firestorm’s creator. Not a surprise… But then that’s when I noticed he could have saved me from being this… this… freak. I told ‘42’ about it, and she told me something I should have never listened to… “Kill him.” I thought she was right… I mean really, he deserved it! After a few solarcycles, I had made my decision; Unknown was going to die one way or another. I spent a few solarcycles plotting my revenge, making sure there were no flaws; no way could anyone find out, nothing could go wrong. Every night, I would follow the trail and make sure there were no creaks in the floors, or I could wake anyone up. Finally, the solarcycle I had waited for. That night, I went into his lab, explaining why I was going to kill him. He begged for mercy, but it had triggered something in me that reminded me when I had begged for mercy from his creation. Then… he was never heard from again.

    The next solarcycle, every bot was in shock after Unknown’s death. Some said he went insane and committed suicide and others thought there was an autobot or a traitor. I kept quiet; worried I would get scared and confess. Firestorm took it hard for a solarcycle or two… but it didn’t affect his bullying. I guess he had overheard Blitzwing or Unknown because one day, he took it too far. He somehow found out about Ravage. He said Ravage didn’t go missing; he left me because I was a freak and he thought how stupid and horrible I looked. Something broke inside me that solarcycle, something that changed my life forever. I attacked him, demanding him to take it back. He must have wanted me to actually fight him all this time; he wanted a moment to kill me. He was very wrong, he hadn’t known that I had experience killing in the last solarcycle; he didn’t know what 42 had taught me.

    He was in for a surprise when he saw the moves I was using, but he kept on making fun of me… and before I knew it, I accidently killed him. His followers threatened to me that I was an autobot spy and that’s why they had found me on that organic planet. It sure did make sense, but it wasn’t true!  They told the bot who taught us… I can’t remember his name though; I never liked him either way. He said he understood why I had killed Firestorm and that I was fine. The trainer deiced to give me my final exam early, because he had never heard of a recruit that killed a bot that was bigger, stronger, and older than it. I passed it somehow; I have to thanks 42 for that. He said that I would have to wait till the others finished for I could join them. So I sat around and watched them and gave a few pointers… but for all I knew, Commander Starscream had come to the academy.

    That night, I got in a fight with 42, telling her I didn’t want to be a killing machine. It soon turned out… she was the glitch inside me. I tried to turn her offline, but it was impossible. After that, I never really saw her again.

    Starscream found out about me, when he had visited Steelpistol and was watching the security cameras. He seemed impressed, so he sent me and the others on a mission to explore the border of decepticon galaxy. We went there… and there was a small autobot crew there. I thought they were no harm, but they found Double and Steelpistol, and killed them. I was horrified when I found their offline remains. Trouble, Double’s brother, was so upset. Our com-link went down, and we were stuck out here with some autobots on our tail. We spent a few stellarcycles out there, I think two, and we nearly went insane. Trouble then got eaten by scraplets… somehow the scraplets didn’t find Skychaser and me. I had to watch the horrifying scene. Skychaser and I wanted revenge on the autobots for killing Steelpistol and Double. So, we took the remainder of our engergon and sneaked on their ship and set it in there.

    We made it unstable their ship exploded. But before it did, I stole its memory chip. Only one of their crew survived. That one bot… killed Skychaser… Skychaser screamed out my name to help him, but by the time I got their… the bot and Skychaser were gone. I was so upset, these bots, even though they had bullied me at first, I loved them like they were my own brothers after Firestorm died. I used the memory chip, to find out more about these autobots. Apparently, they were on a secret mission, also, they weren’t allowed to tell any bot but their leader about what happened, to spy on decepticons. I told no bot about it though.

    Soon, Megatron’s crew found me. I knew Starscream and Blitzwing… but not Lugnut and their other predacon, Blackachrina. I tried to make friends with Blackachrina… but she didn’t like me. Then we had tracked down Optimus’s crew. I didn’t believe that they had the Allspark at first… it seemed impossible to find it! More stuff happened, but it went by to fast… like a blur again. Blitzwing, Lugnut, and I ended up on earth. I didn’t want to fight and I thought this would be a good time to get a transformation that made me feel comfortable without flying. Again, never told any bot about my fear of flying. Blitzwing got mad at me for not helping them fight the autobots. I got into a fight with them… but I was outnumbered. I blacked out afterwards.

    Then I met the autobots… probably you guys if you are reading this right now… I am sorry for lying about my past before. Scout… signing off.

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